30 Day Disney Challenge 1 – What I love about Disney.

When people talk about Disney, it always seems to be in the respect of ‘what a wonderful thing for children’, as if they can no longer be a part of its magic. Not only is that a terrible shame – that they feel they are ‘too old’ – but it also prohibits people from truly experiencing the magic.

And the magic is the wonder of it, isn’t it? Be it the movies or the parks, there’s always something special about the whole atmosphere.


So, to begin with, the parks.

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” – Walt Disney

I love the parks because they are always reinventing themselves (although some see this as a negative there is never a time when everything is open) just as Disney himself wanted them too. There is always a vibrant colourfulness to them, and the weather is mostly remarkable, and the cast members are always cheery.

Now, before you all cry out about the so called secret rules that cast members have to follow, just think about how different Disneyland or Disney World would be if it wasn’t for the cast members. You may think it unfair, but it helps create the experience for you, and you’d probably complain more if the rules weren’t there.

Besides, Disney wouldn’t fulfil its experience of an escapist venue if it wasn’t for perhaps unrealistic cheerfulness.


And then there are the films.

I’d rather not talk about the scores of remakes happening at the moment, I’ll cover that in a later post, but the original animations (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty) and the more modern ones (Tangled, Big Hero Six). I personally love how you can see the evolution of the technology and style of animation, the difference in the songs, and the changes in the approach to the stories.

To consider yourself a part of the journey that Disney films are going on, having experienced them at their release, is truly magical.


But to address the things you can find out online about the terrors behind Disney and all the horrible things that have happened there – when you consider it, considering how long Disney has run for and the amount of injuries sustained there and other things, it really isn’t much in comparison to other places. Besides, if you want to look into those sorts of things and let the magic be spoiled for you, you can, but surely it is your decision to let it spoil your experience rather than further your understanding of the company and its history.



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