30 Day Disney Challenge 2 – What Disney could improve on.

As I hinted on in my last post, I think that Disney has one area which it certainly could improve on, and that is its appeal for its dwindling adult audience. I do think that they are aiming to improve this with new developments at the Polynesian Hotel in Disney World and other places, but they are improvements that are a long time coming. I don’t know what I could suggest here though, for Disney is so overpoweringly ‘for children’ I honestly have no ideas.


Then there are a few rides at Disney World in particular which need changes – namely Captain EO.

File:Captain EO Sign.jpg

The new Captain EO sign as seen on February 25, 2010.

I apologise now for any hard core Michael Jackson fans out there, but I certainly preferred it when it was back as ‘Honey I shrunk the audience’. I’m not saying they should go back to that, but I think that they need a new film put in there, perhaps something related to Big Hero Six, or even related to the many short films Disney does.

And then, around that area there are so many empty pavilions which are just begging to have changes made to them. Similarly, with other abandoned attraction areas, surely there is enough imagination (and money) to update all the places where nothing currently resides? This would expand the parks into areas that are just being wasted and would probably help with the crowds as they would have another place to go to (specifically inside due to the temperatures at the parks.)

I’d say my least practical suggestion though, is that some rides, such as Mickey’s PhilharMagic, would look better with a fresh new update. I’m not saying a complete overhaul of the attraction, I love how it is now, and honestly no change would be better than a Frozen change, I just feel there are certain films that you never hear of anywhere in the parks, that could do with a bit more referencing here and there, and no doubt draw some attention back to some almost completely forgotten films.


With regards the films, there are plenty of fairy tales or mythology out there for Disney to work with that they haven’t yet explored, and I think it’s a pity to be spending so much time making remakes be it animated versions (Alice in Wonderland) or live action (Cinderella). I think the way that they adapted Frozen, and the general direction they seem to be moving towards – less of a focus on romantic love – could certainly be used to discover a whole new level of the classic fairy tales, and also be used to draw more attention to the myths and legends of old.


However, I do think that Disney will, in time, find something new to do just as it usually does, otherwise it will lose its attraction as a unique company. Besides, by then, we’ll probably have found some other aspect of it to nit-pick at.




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