30 Day Disney Challenge 5 – Best Song

Although for this post Lilo and Stitch could easily win again with its Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride. This song uses the Hawaiian language in such a way that makes you feel involved with the movie, and is certainly a unique aspect of the song itself.

Too, I could mention Your Heart Will Lead You Home from The Tigger Movie, but I want to capture a song that is actually sang in the movie, rather than just one used as a backing to the movie. Nevertheless, this song captures all the struggles we have to face in life with such an optimistic vibe to it, it could only be associated with our good friend Pooh.

With such a variety of films to choose songs from, this is really (once again) a difficult choice, but then I glance back to when I went on a long walk with a few friends, and, once we were so tired we barely knew what we were doing, the one song which came up again and again was…

I’ll Make a Man Out of You – Mulan

I don’t know what it is about this song, be it the magnificent marching beat to it, or the irony in the lyrics ‘Did they send me daughters?’ Whatever it is, this song is rightfully proud and typically funny for Disney. It’s also the song when you start to interact with the other characters in the army and see Mulan find her feet. Also, really, it is the song when you feel like everything is going to go right. (Let’s not even talk about the abrupt mood change at the end of A Girl Worth Fighting For.)

Mulan is a great movie with great characters and music, and this is the first song in which we see that Mulan is able to do what she needs to do. Plus, it really characterises the hopefulness which is sustained throughout the whole movie.



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