30 Day Disney Challenge 10 – Favourite Park

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I have only been to Disney World, so therefore my favourite park will be limited to those at Disney World.

So my favourite park is:

Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow – EPCOT.

By GiovannaCarvalho7 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

By GiovannaCarvalho7 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

I love this park because it covers such a wide range of areas from the future(ish) to mock-up countries. And, obviously, it has two of the best rides – Soarin’ and Test Track.

I have to say though, I have frequently stayed at the Beach Club and Swan and Dolphin, and both hotels are very close to EPCOT, so I’ve probably been there more than I’ve been to the other parks.

The first thing which is amazing about EPCOT? Well, look no further than World Showcase. For someone like me, who longs to travel the world but just haven’t quite gotten round to it yet, it is a wonderful little mock-up of many amazing countries. I particularly love the authentic goods (and food) provided at many of the locations. I also love Mexico, because then you can happily cool off whilst browsing both the history, and the stalls the country provides.

Outside of world showcase, there are a few gems too; apart from the obvious photo shot of the monorail through the park, the views in this park are spectacular, as shown by the regular flower displays there. And there are also the rides you love, and that ride with its overly annoying theme tune – ‘One Little Spark’ .

Then I think it really combines looking to the future with being cautious about our impact on the environment – glorious scenes in Soarin’, Ellen’s Energy Adventure and The Living Seas.

Then there’s Innovations with the music loop that just brings the warmth flooding back, there’s just so much to love about EPCOT.

Plus, the food court at The Land is an absolute favourite – it’s so good.



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