30 Day Disney Challenge 11 – What ride would I add or change?

Adding or changing rides happens quite frequently at Disney parks, so, if I were to have that decision, what would I do?

I would, as I have mentioned previously, add movies to PhilharMagic – perhaps have Donald Duck pull the sword out of the stone by accident, or have him be one of Merida’s suitors, I don’t know, but I think movies could do with being added to it. Though, I do love it as it is.

I would also use the abandoned areas in EPCOT. Now, I am aware that Universal still hold the rights to Marvel related rides within so many hundred miles of universal, but if Disney were to somehow secure the rights, then that’s how I would use those abandoned halls. Something to do with the techy aspects of Marvel – an exhibition of Iron Man suits, of Ant-man’s technology, of SHIELD’s weapons. Though, perhaps, a little ‘undisney’, it could work.

I would also like to see more of an archives type area, where people can view rides that aren’t there anymore, and the concept work for the rides that are there now, and even canned ideas that never happened. Not only do I think this could be incredibly fascinating, I also think it would really help Disney get a feel as to the response towards rides that never were, so perhaps could redevelop popular ideas anew.

And that’s all from me today.



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