30 Day Disney Challenge 12 – Opinion of Frozen

Prepare yourself for controversy, because its time to judge Frozen!

Spoiler Warning

If I’m being honest, I loved Frozen as much as the next person (well, perhaps a little less) but I do feel it overshadowed a lot of previous very good films in what I am describing as Disney’s transitional era. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney completely ruined the ‘you don’t need a man to save you’ vibe in the totally unnecessary sequel.

The animation was incredible, and I liked the small reference to Tangled, thereby acknowledging the same animation style. the song’s were good, memorable tunes (especially if yu hear ‘Let It Go’ on the radio every other hour) with nice song meanings. Indeed, the characters were good, and the plot twist was completely unexpected – but I’m not sure whether that seems as a good thing. Although it has been presented as a ‘plan all along’ ideal, there really weren’t any hints at it, and the character did seem to go from completely good to completely evil. I personally think there could have been some further foreshadowing with that – if it was the case that they had planned for Elsa to be the villain but then changed their minds, that was apparent by the overly sudden change of Hans’s heart.

I’d say my overall reaction was that it was a good film, but the reaction to it, and the endless merchandising, put an unsavoury spin to it. In fact, it’s quite like Minions.




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