30 Day Disney Challenge 13 – Location of next film?

I think, obviously, the location of a film largely depends on the story setting, but, if I was to choose the location of the next Disney film I would have it set in:

South America

Now, I don’t know what specific country I would have it set in, but I personally think that any Disney film set in South America in one of the ancient cities would be extremely fascinating, especially if Disney did their research well and successfully portrayed the culture of such a civilisation.

And I don’t mean ‘The Emperors New Groove’ style, I mean an actual story from the continent would be fascinating.

I see that this would be a feasible option because at the moment Disney are reusing a lot of stories that they have used in the past, so why not revisit the location of The Three Caballeros? Plus, been as the majority of Disney films are based on a previous story, if they were to find out a story from South America, I think it would really show Disney’s diversity.

Apart from that, I think they could also try visiting somewhere in Africa, as both these continents seem underused.



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