30 Day Disney Challenge 14 – Favourite Pixar Movie

Pixar has always got a particular balance right in my mind, and that is its focus on the big things and the small things, from Wall-e to A Bug’s Life, Pixar has it sussed. Perhaps is it because it is able to represent do many human characteristics and stories without having to always use humans.

And therefore my favourite Pixar movie is:




Now, I love this movie to pieces, it never fails to make me tear up even though ive watched it a million and one times before.

I think it’s a mixture of a brilliant plotline and a brilliant bunch of characters. Plus, if you’ve seen the extra where Mark Walton finds out he’s got the part for Rhino, it’s so adorable.

I think it’s also an incredibly relatable story where one character has given up hope and the other has (perhaps) a bit too much.


I do just love Bolt, it has a good balance of heartfelt feelings and comedy, and is always a pleasure to watch.





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