30 Day Disney Challenge 17 – Is it worth the expense?

Now, it is hardly astonishing that Disney is not cheap. Nor is it really very surprising that all the new developments with magic bands and other added extras can only be used when staying on property. If you’re going for a holiday, you somewhat have to splurge to get the most out of it.
But is it worth the cost?
I’d say yes, but in moderation.
You naturally have an advantage if you live close – you can get a season pass and other deals, plus you can go whenever you please. In which case, I’d say it’s definitely worth the cost. After all, who would live near Disney and not go there at every opportunity? I would.

However, if you don’t live close it can be another matter. Having to have a condensed period of visiting can be draining, especially due to the heat in Florida in particular.
Yet Disney is still great for a fun holiday and magical escapism. Perhaps it is better to go with a decent gap between visits though, because then you can see a different Disney each time, as it is always reinventing itself.



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