30 Day Disney Challenge 18 – Would you ever want to work there?

When you have such a strong love of something, you automatically wonder whether you could make your entire life revolve around it.
And if you live Disney, then why shouldn’t you contemplate working there?
Once upon a time I did wish to work there, be it a gap year or otherwise. But then I knew someone who did go there for a gap year.
Now, just before he went he and I had a wonderfully long conversation about Disney and the parks and all that sort of stuff. Just after he got back we spoke again briefly, and it almost seemed as though the magic behind Disney had gone.
‘That’s childhood over,’ he said. ‘Time to move on.’
I think this was a very poignant example of how Disney is often considered for children only, but I don’t want to lose the magic there. I still want it to be a sacred sort of place where once again I can pretend to be a kid.
And I think there’s far too much liability for Disney to become something with a bad association. ‘Oh it was here when I was in a bad mood on such and such a day’ would rather not be my first thought when I enter a certain area.
So, in short, I don’t think I would want to work at Disney, because I want the magic to remain unspoiled.


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