30 Day Disney Challenge 20 – Favourite Villain

My favourite villain has always been very sure in my mind, because she was one of the most evil villain of all and did everything she did for very little reason at all.


Now, don’t get me wrong, this is the Pre-Maleficent film Maleficent, before she was made into some tragic hero. I’m not saying Maleficent wasn’t a decent film, but Maleficent from the original was so much more evil.

After all, every villain has a motive and hers just seemed to be not being invited to see the brand new baby. Though, she probably could have waited a little to ensure that her curse wasn’t just changed into a sleeping curse, not that I’m rooting for her here or anything.

To be honest, the only problem I’ve ever had with her was my pure inability to say her name for quite a while as a child. I was asked once at Disney who my favourite villain was… How do you respond when you can’t actually say their name?

Plus, let’s face it, any villain who can turn into a dragon (and then be slayed admittedly, but details are irrelevant) is pretty cool, and I’d say she did do Aurora a favour, as her Prince Phillip did have to slay a dragon to win her, so he can actually do stuff not just look good.

And you wouldn’t have got that epic looking, steam punk type dragon on the parade at Magic Kingdom if it wasn’t for her.



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