30 Day Disney Challenge 24 – Best Photo Taken at a Park

Hi Guys! Its into the last week now of the Challenge!

I think this is an interesting one I’ve set myself, incredibly vague and subjective. Best photo….

I think it has to be a somewhat artsy one I took at the Canada pavilion at EPCOT. I was sitting on a bench when I thought that the building could be made to tower convincingly over the lights to make it appear taller than it was. I’m sure there was also some forced perspective Disney magic going on in the building too.

Afterwards I applied a sharp black and white filter to the photo with some darkening to obscure the edges a little, especially the wall which is to the left foreground, and focus on the naturally lighter parts of the photo.

Where would you say that you guys have taken great photos? Especially if they aren’t from any of those particularly iconic places!



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