30 day Disney Challenge 26 – Character You Wish You Knew in Real Life

Of all the characters out there, which would you want to be BFFs with? Work with? Know on nothing more than a recognition basis?

I think the most awarding Disney character to work with would probably be, after some thought, the beast when he’s back as a prince. I feel as though he would work hard at whatever career he ended up in after sorely learning some life lessons.

To be best friends with I’d want someone like Nani or Megara, some strong woman who I feel you could laugh and also cry with.

For a casual acquaintance I think any one of the classic characters, Mickey, Minnie or the like would be pretty neat. Imagine not really knowing Mickey, but knowing him enough to say hi to.

On the flipside, however much I like Peter Pan and the original story, I think every character in that movie would just irritate me in real life. Peter for not growing up and Wendy for not helping herself more.

It’s interesting to see what characteristics you may see as good and bad within characters, and I think it is easily able to show you about the people you know in real life and why you may like some more than others.

Until tomorrow!



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