30 Day Disney Challenge 27 – Opinions on Snacks

Hi Guys, this one’s going to be a short one!

The basic answer is: I don’t really like them. I am a super fussy eater and won’t eat anything like popcorn or turkey legs…

I’ll eat pretzels though, or icecream. But to be honest I think only the latter of those is an acceptable snack. Otherwise, you might as well go and have an early lunch or dinner, since they can be so expensive.

What if you’re on the dining plan?

Well, you would be surprised what other things you could get for one snack credit. And there are a number of other blogs which have spoken about this, foremost among them in terms of consistent food news being http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/ .

So, my opinion is skip the snacks and check out a neat variety of quick service options to use up dining credits or simply burn some cash.



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