30 Day Disney Challenge 28 – Originals v Disney

Hi Guys, we’re so near the end of this now, it’s kind of a relief…

Well, this is something that I could easily write a book about, not just a blog post. But I’ll try to condense my opinions for you.

I do love the Disney versions of the Brothers’ Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson and the like, and I think they deserve the credit for the effort they do go to to maintain a variety of source material and also the changes they make for a modern audience.

There would be no way, in my opinion, that they would have had the success with their films had they not watered down the stories themselves. The audience of mass media is not designed to cope with the oral traditions recorded and turned into fairytale collections. There is a huge scope to edit what one person telling the story to another in a personal environment which simply doesn’t exist in the world Disney works in.

While you may say as an adult or as a parent of a maturer child that the originals should be what Disney presents, Disney cannot decide the maturity of its audience and it cannot run the risk of upsetting a mass audience to such an extent. Especially now they have established their brand – a sudden change could quite simply be ruinous.

So, while I believe that Disney should remain mostly faithful to source material, we as the consumers have to trust that the company knows what they are doing when it comes to producing altered stories which are, at the end of the day, aimed at young children, even if there are a few adult jokes in there.



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