30 Day Disney Challenge 30 – Why You Should Love Disney

But also why you shouldn’t immediately expect yourself to be able to sustain a daily blog from the get go. This is it. The challenge is over, and so is the blog. I hope I’ll regain my motivation in the next couple of days. I already have some ideas as to what I can post about, but I may be off until September just to get my thoughts together.

So, apologies to anyone who was enjoying this blog.

Anyway, here is why you should love Disney:

It provides an escape, not matter what age you are, into a world beyond the capabilities and imagination of the one we live in. You can simply lose yourself or become a kid again when you watch a Disney film or interact in some way with the world created and developed since the big idea was born.

An unsatisfactory end to a long stint of work. I’ll see you in September.



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