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The Aeneid as part of a Saviour Cult

Hi Guys, here’s my first proper post back as a blogger! So, recently I have developed a fascination with The Aeneid written by that wonderful author, Virgil. I’ve finally finished reading the book (or rather, all twelve of them) and needless to say,

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Perfume as an Identity – A Short Musing

Perfume is something which has existed for an age. It is a strange human way of making themselves smell different, somehow more appealing. Are you really yourself when you wear perfume? Is it akin to a mask, hiding your true

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The Accidental Hiatus is Over!

Hi everyone, so you may have come on here at some point and realised that I stopped posting on what is more or less two years ago now. To be honest, I can’t believe how much has happened between then

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