Improvements? None: A Beauty and the Beast Review


Spoilers Ahead


It’s always interesting to go and see a Disney remake, and you can see my general opinion on them here, but this one had a lot of hype.

Unlike Jungle Book which went from a not too known and somewhat iffy on ethical grounds animation to the thrilling life action (if we can call it that) extravaganza that was produced, Beauty and the Beast carried huge expectations. They were making a classic and a favourite of the current ‘parent’ generation, as it were, into a live action.

So, when I say improvements – none, what do I mean?

Not from the animation, I’d say there were plenty of storyline improvements and a whole barrage of plot-hole fills (though the new one about how long it actually was? Shouldn’t the other halves have aged? Tell me your thoughts below since that was genuinely confusing.) But at the same time there was a certain degrading of the songs. So, they kind of even it out to be no improvements.

From the trailers? Again, not really much improvement there either. The hype was certainly up after them, but I’d say the best redone song – Gaston – was basically all in the trailer. And the first Belle song showed itself to be shocking from the get go.

The only bit I genuinely felt was more than kind of okay but not amazing was the development of the Beast’s character, the bits before and also after he was a beast were both very well done and Dan Stevens was an excellent choice there I feel. Oh, and that exclusively gay moment was very subtle and would not be understood by kids at all.

So, overall, the feeling is that there weren’t any notable improvements on the original or from any of the hype. It stayed steady and will earn a whole load of cash for Disney but it wasn’t anything particularly ground-breaking I don’t think.

Rating: 3 stars of 5. Magically uninspired

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