So I am not ashamed to admit that I have become incredible enamored with Hamilton. At first, I only listened to it because I thought it would provide some nice historical knowledge.

To begin with though, as someone who had not previously listened to rap music, I more or less listened to Alexander Hamilton and My Shot on repeat since I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the whole thing.

But then I had a plane flight.

I made my target on the plane flight to listen to the entire thing and just go ahead and do it. And I will not lie, I was very very teary by the end of that soundtrack (though I had also watched The Book Thief on that flight too, I was a bit of a wreck.)

After that I became to appreciate all the musical nuances and historical context which provided the content. I learnt that parts that were incorrect or at least stretches of the truth, I learnt who sang what and played which characters, I learnt more about dueling…

I got into it just before it became big news. Like, it was right on the cusp.

So here is my Hamilton appreciation post. I appreciate the attention paid to characterise these godly figures of history, and I appreciate the hard work which was put into it.

Besides I feel as though I could connect with Hamilton on a spiritual level about working non stop.



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