About Me

Hey there!

I’m Buzzy B and I’m excited that you’ll be joining me on an online exploration of my interests and experiences. This blog will be inherently versatile, but as of the end of my two year hiatus (see this post) I will be focused more on historical based things, rather than a hefty focus on fandom.

I intend on maintaining a clearly organised blogsite, so if you’re here for the history and not the fandom or vice versa, see the taps across the top to filter out anything that fails to interest you.

From now on I will be posting twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays, and those posts could be about anything. However, I will maintain that my Sunday posting will be about strictly something academic I have encountered in the week, whereas the Wednesday could be something a little more lighthearted or for any section of this blog.

So, I hope you find yourself suitably intrigued to come and take a glance over my life as a Buzzy B.


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