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So I am not ashamed to admit that I have become incredible enamored with Hamilton. At first, I only listened to it because I thought it would provide some nice historical knowledge. To begin with though, as someone who had

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Hospitality in Ancient Times – Χενια

The concept of guest-friendship prevails consistently in Ancient Literature, a kind of hospitality enforced socially through religion. Their concept of what hospitality was, however, differs greatly from nowadays. While we may think of hospitality being acting as the host to

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Endlessly Pursuing Goals through History

People always say to set goals. Focus on this, that or the other. Long term, short term, spend more time setting goals than chasing them, find this, aim for that, reacher higher but don’t raise tour expectations…. When does a

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Pro Milone and Subjectivity

When it comes to ancient texts, oftentimes they are histories that we know to be dubious factually, or recorded myths that we wonder whether they were truly believed. When it comes to Cicero, we are gifted a great deal of

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Improvements? None: A Beauty and the Beast Review

  Spoilers Ahead   It’s always interesting to go and see a Disney remake, and you can see my general opinion on them here, but this one had a lot of hype. Unlike Jungle Book which went from a not too known

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The Aeneid as part of a Saviour Cult

Hi Guys, here’s my first proper post back as a blogger! So, recently I have developed a fascination with The Aeneid written by that wonderful author, Virgil. I’ve finally finished reading the book (or rather, all twelve of them) and needless to say,

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Perfume as an Identity – A Short Musing

Perfume is something which has existed for an age. It is a strange human way of making themselves smell different, somehow more appealing. Are you really yourself when you wear perfume? Is it akin to a mask, hiding your true

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