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Endlessly Pursuing Goals through History

People always say to set goals. Focus on this, that or the other. Long term, short term, spend more time setting goals than chasing them, find this, aim for that, reacher higher but don’t raise tour expectations…. When does a

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Pro Milone and Subjectivity

When it comes to ancient texts, oftentimes they are histories that we know to be dubious factually, or recorded myths that we wonder whether they were truly believed. When it comes to Cicero, we are gifted a great deal of

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Thoughts on the Preservation of Old Documents

I would like nothing more than for people to be able to easily research their own history, or whatever history they like. However, I wouldn’t wish such documents to be fully digitised and therefore seemingly devalued. I think that is

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Ponderings on a British Monarch and their associated reputation

You may wonder why this post has come up, and that is simply because I read through some interesting notes on Queen Mary I, otherwise known as Bloody Mary. These notes suggested that history had been very unkind to her,

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Symbol

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.” This is my symbol because it shows how nature will eventually erode away at man’s existence, yet still we struggle through against all odds. Buzzy

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Welcome to my blog!

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